Dying Cher Carves Up Her $305 Million Fortune — Singer ‘Knows Her Time Is Limited’

Determined to meet her maker with a clear conscience, Cher celebrated her 70th — and likely last — May 20 birthday by using her $305 million fortune to look after her loved ones. The dying diva has put aside years of heartbreak to buy comfortable homes for her two children, sources said. She’s also gifted her sister with a palatial spread and taken her ailing mother into her home, despite her own health struggles. “Cher knows her time is limited,” an insider close to the Oscar-winning star told RadarOnline.com. “She wants to put any feuds behind her, and make sure that everyone is taken care of after she’s gone.”

As Radar reported, Cher has battled the devastating effects of the Epstein-Barr virus since the ’80s. Yet another virus forced her to abandon her 2014 “Dressed To Kill” tour, with doctors ordering her to wear a heart monitor. The Moonstruck star also faced a setback when — as Radar reported in March — she came under the control of a member of her inner circle who kept her “doped up on a bunch of different pills.” Now, Cher has quietly been putting multimillion-dollar properties in the names of family members.

According to records obtained by Radar, Cher’s business manager and trustee, Warren Grant, transferred her interest in a Malibu estate that she bought for $2 million in 2007 to her sister,Georganne LaPiere Bartylak, last June. Despite long-running battles with her grown children, transgender sonChaz, 47, and drug-troubled son Elijah Allman, she’s also set them up in lavish homes. The fading icon bought 39-year-old Elijah a $2 million, four-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills, according to property records listing Cher’s trust as the buyer. Cher and her money manager also placed Chaz’s home — a $1.7 million West Hollywood pad where he’s lived since 2003 — into a multimillion-dollar trust in 2012.

The singer now shares her $45 million Malibu compound with her 89-year-old mother, Georgia Holt. Cher moved Holt in after she was rushed to the hospital last Christmas. Cher plans to live out her days in her 13,000-square-foot mansion, and insiders believe it will be left to her family.

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