Cher appears to back Brexit vote, and then immediately regrets it

Emotions are high as the UK has voted to leave the European Union, and on Twitter people are scared about a Brexit future. Many of her followers assumed this was the gay icon and superstar backing the Brexit vote. Cher then said she wanted ‘what’s best for UK people’, saying the US had no love for Sonny and Cher until they hit in the UK. But this response made it clear that she was being misunderstood by her fans.

She said she was ‘praying’ exiting the European Union would be the best for UK people, not saying that it definitely would be. And then many fans warned of how many on the Remain campaign had warned anti-EU campaigners like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage were using language similar to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Trump has backed the Brexit vote, calling it a ‘great thing’. She reiterated her prayers for British people at this time of the  tumultuous unsure future, and regretted about being so ‘blind’.


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